Military Stress


When I came back from being deployed in Iraq I noticed my lower back was in some discomfort. I assumed it was from having to wear all the body armor and kevlar the whole time. I would move a certain way and I would get pains shooting up my back. I could not roll over without it hurting. Also I could not workout like I used to and wasn't really able to stand for 5-10 minutes without my back getting stiff. I also always felt as if I had slept on my neck wrong every night and was struggling with headaches. I met Dr. Winegardner at the Body Zone Total Fitness Gym and told her some of my concerns. She told me to come and see her at her office and she could help. After seeing her and getting the treatment she recommended I don't have to think about the movements I make like I used to. I can just turn and move however. It just feels natural again. -Joe


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  • "I always exercised and ate well, but had no idea what benefits chiropractic could have. I thought I was good, now my body works even better."
  • "It started with a slight pain in my shoulder that turned into a deep, sharp, constant pain. I continued on with all normal activities, only with lots of pain. My family Doctor told me that it was a pulled muscle or some injury that would have to heal itself. There was nothing he could do to help me. Dr. Winegardner came and spoke at an event at my work, and I also have co-workers that are patients here. So I became a patient in December of 2011. Dr. Winegardner sat down with me and we discussed my pain and discomfort. She not only adjusted me and put me on therapy, but she also gave me tips for running and working out. These conversations, along with the advice she gives me on my eating habits, have allowed me to live without pain."
    -Kate Depugh