Neck & Back Pain

I came to Winegardner Chiropractic on the advice of a co-worker. I was suffering from lower neck and back pain and my arms feeling heavy. My job entails me to sit at a desk for 9 hours a day and it would kill my neck and back. I had poor posture and bad sitting habits. I have been dealing with this for about a year or so, but in the past couple months it has gotten worse. I was unable to type for periods of time. I would have to stop about every 10 mins to stretch or rub my neck. I went and seen my family doctor and he ran blood tests to test my blood counts etc. They all came back normal. So on the advice of my co-worker I went to see Dr. Winegardner about a month ago. In that months time I feel so much better overall. My neck and back are not achy or sore. I have more energy and just feel better all around. I have several friends that are patients and they also say they feel much better since seeing Dr. Winegardner. Dr. Winegardner did not only help me to feel better but I have learned tons about the spine and the nervous system and other ways to take care of myself and be a healthier person. ~ Megan


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  • "I always exercised and ate well, but had no idea what benefits chiropractic could have. I thought I was good, now my body works even better."
  • "It started with a slight pain in my shoulder that turned into a deep, sharp, constant pain. I continued on with all normal activities, only with lots of pain. My family Doctor told me that it was a pulled muscle or some injury that would have to heal itself. There was nothing he could do to help me. Dr. Winegardner came and spoke at an event at my work, and I also have co-workers that are patients here. So I became a patient in December of 2011. Dr. Winegardner sat down with me and we discussed my pain and discomfort. She not only adjusted me and put me on therapy, but she also gave me tips for running and working out. These conversations, along with the advice she gives me on my eating habits, have allowed me to live without pain."
    -Kate Depugh