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Great new items at KITCHEN COLLECTION: 1) MICROWAVE EGG MAKER makes a perfectly round omlet in just a minute, add spinach, peppers or onion and it only takes thirty seconds longer 2) MONTEL WILLIAMS SUPER BLENDERr is the kitchen version of the vita-mix. Make a healthy fruit and veggie shake in a minute. This blender is valuable for so many reasons. First you know how I am about eating non-processed foods as much as possible and this blender makes it easy, plus when you blend food you don't have to worry about not chewing your food enough because it is already chewed for you. Fill the blender at night and put it in the frig so it is ready to go in the morning.

Yummy foods at BE WELL NUTRITION STORE: Choose ALMOND BUTTER instead of peanut butter because the body metabolizes it easier. Organic APPLE CIDER VINEGAR (Braggs Brand) is best for you because "I will say it again and again" it is less processed.

The SMOKEHOUSE restaurant is a great choice if you are wanting to stay on track. They have a wonderful half chicken dish with a side of their yummy green beans and side salad. Just one of several healthy dishes.


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  • "I always exercised and ate well, but had no idea what benefits chiropractic could have. I thought I was good, now my body works even better."
  • "It started with a slight pain in my shoulder that turned into a deep, sharp, constant pain. I continued on with all normal activities, only with lots of pain. My family Doctor told me that it was a pulled muscle or some injury that would have to heal itself. There was nothing he could do to help me. Dr. Winegardner came and spoke at an event at my work, and I also have co-workers that are patients here. So I became a patient in December of 2011. Dr. Winegardner sat down with me and we discussed my pain and discomfort. She not only adjusted me and put me on therapy, but she also gave me tips for running and working out. These conversations, along with the advice she gives me on my eating habits, have allowed me to live without pain."
    -Kate Depugh