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Mid Back Pain

I was suffering from mid-back pain and could not get up without severe pain.  I am not sure how or when it happened.  It might have been a fall but I am not sure.  The pain is right across my bra line and has been going on for about 4 years now.  When I would try to work in the yard I could not get up without pain across the middle of my back.  I was once told that I had severe arthritis.  How I found out about Winegardner Chiropractic is I happened to stop by The Body Zone Total Fitness and had seen they had a special advertised.  In May, I decided to stop in and inquire about their Free xray and consult. After a few months with Winegardner Chiropractic the pain in the middle of my back had subsided and I am able to work in the yard again without any pain.  Everyone in Winegardner Chiropractic has been and is very nice and caring.  Anyone sceptical of chiropractic treatment my ex-father in law was hurt in a auto accident and was told he would never work again.  He was introduced to chiropractic 40 years ago and lived to be 97 years old.


Judy Lee

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