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Shoulder Pain

I was suffering from constant shoulder and back pain.  The pain first started as a slight pain that turned into a deep, sharp, constant pain.  I have been struggling with this for about 3 months or more.  Normal daily activites were always done with lots of pain.  I had seen my family doctor and he stated that it was a pulled muscle or some injury that would have to heal itself.  Nothing he could do could help me.  Dr. Winegardner came to my work and spoke at a event.  I also have co-workers that are patients at Winegardner Chiropractic so I decided to try chiropractic treatment.  I started December of 2011 as a patient of Winegardner Chiropractic.  Dr. Winegardner sat down with me and we discussed my pain and discomfort.  She not only adjusted my and put me on therapy, but she also gave me tips for running and working out.  These conversations, along with the advice she gives me on my eating habits, have allowed me to live without pain.


Kate Depugh

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